Custom Cabins at Leland’s

Every custom cabin we sell at Leland’s starts with our custom cabin team. Made up of experienced professionals, we understand buying a cabin is no small purchase.

Our team takes its time getting to know every customer who walks through the door. Why? Because at Leland’s Cabins, we invest in customer satisfaction. We want every customer to have the cabin of their dreams. To make that happen, we have to first understand what customers want and need. And that means getting to know you.

Customizing Cabins

Every customer is different. We don’t make cookie-cutter cabins at Leland’s because our customers’ needs aren’t cookie-cutter shaped. The dreams and expectations of every customer are different, and as a result, so are our cabins.

“We seldom ever build the same cabin twice,” says Steven Jones, Cabin Sales Manager at Leland’s headquarters in Grandview.

“We have the ability to modify and customize our product to suit the customer’s wants and needs,” he says. Flexibility in our cabin-building process and the superior craftsmanship that goes into each cabin are what makes Leland’s Cabins the best cabin builders around.

As Cabin Sales Manager, Steven is also a design consultant, helping customers with the entire process from start to finish. From the moment a customer visits the cabin showroom in Grandview to the moment the customer walks into their newly installed cabin, Steven is assisting customers through every step.

Even with our high level of customization that goes into each cabin, construction runs only about six to eight weeks. “So there’s a lot of interaction with the customer during that time,” Steven explains. “Because of that, the relationship becomes a friendship.”

There’s a cabin for everyone at Leland’s Cabins, according to Steven. “We have a diverse geography here in Texas, but there’s a cabin that’s ideal for any area.”

A fan of all the cabins, Steven would probably choose the Lone Star for himself, he says. “Because even though it’s only 832 square feet, it feels bigger than that. I want to downsize when I retire, but I don’t want something that feels cramped.”

Steven enjoys working with everyone at Leland’s, especially his teammate Dalton Foster.

Part of the Leland’s Family

Dalton Foster is a Sales Representative at Leland’s Cabins, and Dalton says the Number One thing that sets Leland’s apart from other cabin builders is the connection with customers.

“I grew up in Oklahoma, but I am now a proud Texan,” Dalton says. Whether it’s the colleagues he works with each day or the customers he meets, Dalton says the people are amazing. “If you buy with us, you really are part of the Leland’s family.”

Leland’s personal connection doesn’t start and stop with each customer. We value every customer and team member. “This is the first job I’ve had that you can go to the president or the owner of the company,” Dalton says, “and they want to know how your life is going and how your family is doing.”

Dalton’s favorite part of working with Leland’s customers is getting the chance to sit down with them and learn about their lives. “You get to build a relationship with the people that you are making a product for.”

If Dalton had to choose just one Leland’s Cabin, he would pick the Lone Star, like Steven. His ideal location for it would be either in the mountains or the Texas Hill Country.

Dalton and Steven both sell Leland’s cabins with confidence because they understand the quality that goes into each one. And they know colleagues like Sam Yoder, along with the rest of the team, ensures every cabin is the best Leland’s has to offer.

Building Quality

Sam Yoder is the Quality Control Supervisor at Leland’s. He’s in charge of leading customers through the build process that takes place with every cabin. From the initial signing of the build contract to the delivery and installation of the cabin, Sam oversees it all.

He has been working with Leland’s since Day One back in 2004, and he doesn’t plan on going anywhere else. “[Our] relentless pursuit of quality starts with quality materials that result in a quality product,” Sam explains. “That’s what sets Leland’s apart.”

As for working with Leland’s customers, Sam most enjoys watching the dreams come to life.

If Sam had to choose one Leland’s cabin as his favorite, he would choose The Lodgebecause of its spacious living room and master suite. The cedar soaking-tub doesn’t hurt either. His ideal location for his cabin is Southwest Texas, for the Spanish culture and the wide open skies and spaces.

Log Cabin Showroom

Come meet the Leland’s Cabins team yourself. Steven, Dalton, and Sam will be glad to show you around. our Grandview supercenter, home to Leland’s headquarters and the largest custom cabin showroom in all of Texas.