Everybody knows Texas is all about big. Biggest state of the Lower 48 — at over 261,000 square miles, we’re nearly the size of France. Biggest state capitol building. Biggest rattlesnake roundup. Big Tex, Big Lake, Big D. Big hats, Big hair.

But what you might not know is that we’re good with small too. Like the charm of our small towns and the deliciousness of our small, family-run barbecue restaurants. Small lakes for fishing, small businesses for shopping. At Leland’s Cabins, we’re proud of our small-cabin spaces, which may be lean on square footage but abundant in style and sophistication.

Living Simply: How to Create the Perfect Small-Cabin Space

Whether you choose the 576-square-foot Smokey Bear or the 280-square-foot Chisholm Trail, you can create a Texas log cabin space that’s perfect for you and your tiny home lifestyle. What follows are ways you can embrace simple living but still create an appealing and functional small-cabin space.


Limit what you bring in to your cabin space. The easiest way to feel cluttered and cramped is to let items pile up. Instead, be a firm gatekeeper to your space and only let essentials through the door. Don’t think of your cabin as a repository for the beds and bookcases cast off from your primary house. Think of it as a special place where you can get away from the clutter — both the physical and the psychic kind.

Cut the clutter.

Look at what items you already have and part with what you don’t need. And be merciless about it — if you give every item a sentimental value, you’ll never be able to cross a room for all the junk. Donate to your favorite charity, hold a yard sale, offer your unwanted items on sites like FreeCycle.org. One person’s trash really can be another’s treasure.

Trick the eye.

You’ve chosen a rustic pre-built cabin, so why not carry the theme through with your interior decorating? Consider celebrating the great outdoors with photography or paintings that feature trees, lakes, or sunsets. Remember that images featuring landscapes can give added depth to a space.

Celebrate your quirks.

So you’ve gotten rid of all the clutter you possibly can. But you can’t part with your mug collection. Fear not. Your eccentricities can be your strong suit. Line up your best mugs on a shelf or two in the kitchen, and showcase them in all their glory. Rather than scattering them throughout your cabin, let them become their own artistic statement by grouping them together in a spectacular display.

Living Simply: How to Create the Perfect Small-Cabin Space - Celebrate Your Quirks

Lighten up.

Nothing says cramped and creepy like a dark corner. But add a few floor lamps and tabletop lights to your space, and suddenly your cabin’s appeal goes way up. Let lamps spotlight your home’s beautiful wood-paneled walls and ceiling. If you must hang curtains, make sure you can hold them back securely to allow the most amount of natural light indoors all day long. Light is warmth, and whether it’s through natural light or the light of floor lamps, try to show off your cabin’s warmth all day, every day.

Double your space.

Mirrors are one of the oldest tricks in the interior design books. And we’re not above using them. Hang a mirror on your wall, and you’ll give the impression of roominess as well as a sense of light and depth. Plus, you can always see how relaxed and happy you look in your Texas log cabin getaway.

Don’t overdo it.

Before you move anything into your one-room cabin, you should take pencil to paper and sketch out what furniture you imagine placing and where. Be picky. Don’t just move any piece into the space. You might have gotten that overstuffed sofa from your buddy for free, but that doesn’t mean it works well in your tiny log cabin space. Big, oversized furniture can make your cabin feel cramped. Instead, consider picking one or two pieces that feature clean lines and balanced scaling to fit the dimensions of your space, your body, and your needs.

Living Simply: How to Create the Perfect Small-Cabin Space - Double Your Space

Make your furniture work double-time.

When you’re moving items into your pre-built cabin, make sure each piece serves a purpose. And even better, two. Consider a coffee table that doubles as a storage container for blankets or board games. Look for stackable side tables, benches that stow shoes and boots, ottomans that can hold pillows and coasters.

While you can streamline your space needs, you don’t have to abandon a strong sense of style. Come see for yourself at one of our Texas log cabin showrooms, or come to the cabin superstore in Grandview. We’ve got a glass of sweet tea waiting for you—a simple gesture. But at Leland’s, the small details matter just as much as the big ones.