A Cabin with a Purpose

You have a hobby, a passion, or even a burgeoning business. There’s something on the side that you invest in because it’s what speaks to your heart. But that “side hustle” is taking over your home. You need your space back, and you need to take it to the next level to successfully turn your side hustle into your main gig.

What do you do? Buy a bigger house? Forget about the side hustle and stick to the job that makes you miserable but pays the bills?

There’s a third option. Buy a Leland’s cabin and make it your backyard office, or as in Lea Genders’s case, your ShredShed.


Lea Genders

For Lea, her full-time job is in marketing. As with most of us, her creative outlet is quite different from her day job. Lea is a runner and fitness enthusiast.

Growing up, Lea’s life was all about the three Rs: running, writing, and rock music. Her Leland’s cabin—which she’s named her ShredShed—has given her the space she needs to passionately pursue all three.

As a NASM certified personal trainer, fitness coach, nutrition coach, blogger, and RRCA certified adult distance running coach who specializes in strength training for runners, Lea has a lot going on as she builds her empire. And the ShredShed is her perfect place to unwind, work out, or meet with clients.

“We knew we wanted to build a gym,” Lea says. “Now I have my own gym where I can work out and my husband can work out.” Using her Leland’s cabin as a fitness space in her own backyard has given her a place where she can escape and regroup to meet her busy life head on.

As for the name ShredShed, Lea says it was just one of those things that pops out and fits perfectly. The name has stuck, and she doesn’t plan to change it.

“When I have clients, I have a professional studio where clients can come,” she said about the cabin.

Lea is in the Fort Worth area, and in addition to working with runners to help them achieve their goals, she also offers nutritional coaching through one-on-one meetings and in her workshops. For Lea, the ShredShed was a great choice.

Screen Shot 2017 07 24 at 11.05.42 AM 1024x370 - LEA GENDERS TALKS ABOUT HER CABIN—THE SHREDSHED

Why Did Lea Choose Leland’s?

“We hired Leland’s because they had the best price,” Lea says. “The structure that we wanted, the right size—everything was what we wanted, and I really liked the look of the outside of this one. It looked like a little house in our back yard.”

As for installation, Lea says it went smoothly. “It was so painless and easy. They were in and out so quickly that it was perfect.”

Another source of inspiration for Lea is her furry running mate, Ollie. Ollie is her four-legged friend who inspired her blog’s title, Running with Ollie. Head over to her blog to see some adorable photos of Ollie and learn more about Lea and how she helps runners.

Are you thinking about taking up running? Have you been a runner for a while, but you can’t seem to hit your goals? Maybe you’ve been battling injury after injury. Whatever the case, Lea has an article to help you through the basics and then coaching service to take you the rest of the way. You can also find her on Facebook and Instagram to find more tips and to keep up with the latest on the blog.



Your Own ShredShed

Maybe running isn’t your thing, but you have something else in mind. Something that requires space and organization and a beautiful spot for inspiration. Check out the smallest of our cabins, the Rio Bravo.

The Rio Bravo has a main room that is shared with the kitchen, and a bathroom with a shower. At 216 feet, it’s the perfect space for your side hustle.

Because we build everything ourselves at Leland’s, we can customize your floor plan to make sure it’s exactly what you need. You can also choose from several options to customize the look of your cabin too.

We deliver and place the cabin right on your prepared space. You can choose to pour a foundation, or use a concrete slab, piers, or packed gravel. That’s up to you. We arrive with your cabin and deliver exactly where you want it.



Your Own Space

How much more productive, efficient, and inspired will you be with your own space? The value of having an environment that helps you be creative is immeasurable. There’s something about having a dedicated space that makes your side hustle feel less like a hobby and more like a passion that could possibly lead to an empire. It adds legitimacy to your efforts and allows you the room you need to stay focused and productive.

And you can outfit your space to be exactly what you need it to be. Lea Genders did a great job making her cabin her own. Take a look at the video to see how she decorated and designed her ShredShed. And then come on down to Grandview to picture yourself in your own creative workspace by seeing our cabins in person. We’ll see you there.