A Prefab Log Cabin Adventure

The cool temperatures are slowly starting to warm up. Plant life is starting to get a little greener, and you’re getting more and more eager to be outside.

What if this spring could be different, though? What if it could be the beginning of an adventure that will keep you enjoying the outdoors all year long? After all, the winters in Texas aren’t that brutal. You just need something to motivate you to be in the great outdoors in the cooler months. What could that something be?

A pre built custom cabin from Leland’s ought to do the trick. Why a cabin, and why is spring the perfect time for the beginning of your cabin adventure?


1. Because spring is a time for new beginnings.

Have you been feeling like you’re stuck in a rut? Are you living the same routine, day after day, week after week? You go to work. You do the things you’re supposed to do. But do you ever reward yourself for all of that hard work? Do you stop to celebrate the little wins?

Break out of your rut in style. Get a custom cabin to give yourself a treat and start a new routine—one that includes time to enjoy yourself.

And if you have kids or grandkids, you can use your new cabin to either spend quality time together or sneak off for a little alone time (that’s totally your call, but we encourage both approaches in a healthy, regular balance over here at Leland’s Cabins).

Now that the weather is nicer, it’s the perfect time to start your new beginning.

2. You can redefine cabin fever.

Give yourself and your family a reason to spend more time outside, away from screens and the internet and text messages and social media. Get outside. Leland’s Cabins can help you do just that as you prepare for your cabin’s delivery.

Pick a nice spot in the wilderness for your new log cabin home. And then get to work preparing the land for its arrival. Our delivery team will bring it right to your prepared plot.

So start clearing brush and trees. Make a road with enough room for maneuvering. Not only will it help you prepare for your cabin delivery, but it’ll get you outside enjoying the fresh air. You’ll be itching for your cabin to get there so you can continue the trend.


3. You can set yourself up for an entire year of adventures.

Don’t stop with that brush removal. Next, think about how you’d like to spend the summer months. Are you near a lake? How about a river? Check out the area and see what you can do to plan ahead for the warmest months in Texas.

After that, think bonfire. Imagine a good marshmallow roast. Where’s an ideal location for a nice warm fire on a cool evening? Plan ahead with a fire pit. You can either purchase one, or you can build one from scratch. All Seasons Feeders makes steel fire pits that practically hoop and holler “Made in Texas.” If you’d like a more traditional brick fire pit, then consider making it a DIY project.

Next up is winter. What will bring you out in winter? Hunting season, of course. From deer to turkey, you can spend most of winter hunting something if you’re so inclined. Look for a good spot to add a blind on the property. Where do you see the most wildlife gather? Is there a water source nearby? Check out the area and find a spot that won’t be too conspicuous once the leaves have fallen off the trees.

If hunting isn’t your thing, you can always plan to make the cabin your winter getaway. Stock it with plenty of games, books, and entertainment.

4. It’s a good time to buy property.

You’re not the only one ready to get out and get things done. Spring is a great time for buying property because this is the time of year more people list their property for sale. This means you should have more options to choose from if you need to purchase property for your cabin.

It also means that you’ll have better weather to go property hunting. You won’t freeze as you trek across land, searching for the perfect spot.


5. You can add things to your cabin, like a deck.

Spring is the perfect time for working outside on something like a deck (have you heard about our free deck deal this spring?) So not only will you have your new cabin, but you’ll also have outdoor space for sitting and relaxing over the months to come.

Maybe you can really make your deck something special by letting it lead you and guests straight to your above-ground pool. You can get the deck and the pool up before it gets too hot. Then you’ll be set for summer.

Log Cabin Builders

Whatever your reason for choosing spring to embark on your cabin adventure, we at Leland’s will be happy to help you dream, plan, and make it all come together. Our cabin specialists can assist you in choosing the right custom cabin to suit your current and future plans.

We rarely build the same cabin twice because our customers often see something they really like in one cabin, but they’d prefer the floor plan of a different cabin. So get an idea of what you might like to see in your future cabin by looking at our cabin plans online. And when you’re ready, come visit us in Grandview. We’ll show you around the biggest cabin showroom in all of Texas.