Leland’s Cabins’ modular cabins are Texas made and Texas proud. Into each one, we put our finest craftsmanship and our love of family and home. We even stamp our products “Imported from Texas” as we send them out into the world, just as a reminder of all that we represent.

Our cabin names demonstrate our pride as well. Take the Chisolm Trail as an example. A major cattle route from Texas ranches as far south as the Rio Grande all the way up to markets in central Kansas, the Chisolm Trail became synonymous with the Texas spirit. Thriving from about 1867 to 1884, the longhorn cattle drive was a means of survival and recovery for Texans after the Civil War. Its name comes from Jesse Chisholm, a Scottish-Cherokee trader whose wagon wheels left the tracks that others soon followed all the way through Indian Territory to Wichita.


With our Chisolm Trail cabin, we sought to honor that spirit of independence. Our 280-square-foot cabin makes a perfect nature retreat. Some of our customers have used it as a hunting cabin in the woods. Others fell in love with it as a tiny house. And still, others kept it close to home, placing it in their backyards to use as a guest house or home office.

Starting with the Price

At $24,042, the price tag on the Chisolm Trail makes it an attractive model. While Leland’s offers nine manufactured cabin styles, our well-priced Chisolm Trail comes in below the cost of a car. For economically minded shoppers, this is hard to resist.

Also hard to pass up is the efficiency in the Chisolm Trail’s design. Take a few steps up to the porch, where you can sit down in a rocking chair, sip some sweet tea, and savor the beauty of the natural world. This cabin is meant for dreamers, and it makes a perfect artist’s retreat for painters, poets, and writers to escape the city noise and embrace the quiet they need for creative work.

Inside, the cabin you’ll find a kitchen space complete with a refrigerator, sink, counter space for cooking, and handcrafted cabinets made from pine, hickory, or pecan woods. Choose a refrigerator in a black, white, or stainless steel finish, or bring your own.

The ceiling fan keeps things cooler in the summer, and the corrugated metal of the Chisolm Trail’s vaulted ceiling makes this cabin feel spacious. While the exterior can be siding or 6-inch cedar split logs, the inside is something else: Select 8-inch planks of ponderosa pine, white pine, or white pine with walnut wainscoting. For the floors, you can choose between laminate or textured wooden planks in a variety of finishes.

And when you really want to relax, step into the full-size bathroom, where you can soak in the tub or take a shower to start each day fresh or unwind after a full day outdoors.

To find out more about the Chisolm Trail, download the full list of features for this Texas log cabin.

Small Space, Big Payoff

And keep in mind that while the dimensions are small, the benefits to a cabin like the Chisolm Trail are tremendous. Smaller homes, like the modular cabins Texas companies are building, can benefit buyers in a variety of ways—tops among them being the environmental savings, the financial savings, and maintenance savings. For many Americans, a large percentage of their income goes to paying for their home in the form of a mortgage or rent, and in maintenance work. Committing to a 15-year or 30-year mortgage means you’re signing up for decades of work to pay off this debt.

When you purchase a home clocking in at under 300-square-feet, you’re buying a house that does not require as much energy to cool, heat, or power as a typical 3,000-square-foot McMansion. That savings on electrical bills goes right into your bank account. And Leland’s Cabins’ commitment to the environment doesn’t end with energy-efficient spaces. For every cabin we sell, we’ll plant 20 trees in your name—just to offset the resources we use in building your log-cabin home.


And living in a smaller space impacts your day-to-day living directly. A tiny house or cozy log cabin means less stuff to buy, less stuff to own, less stuff to clean up. Which translates to more time for you to enjoy the things that really matter: time spent with the people you love, on activities that bring you joy, engaging with life rather than with a bunch of things.

We feel pretty strongly that ours are the best log cabins Texas produces. But don’t just take our word for it. Let Leland’s customers vouch for the quality, service, and durability of our products.

“The entire process with Leland’s Cabins was very simple,” says Jennifer Baird, a happy cabin owner. “I met with a sales rep, they designed the cabins just like I wanted them. I would definitely choose Leland’s Cabins again and would recommend them to everyone.”

Come See for Yourself

We embrace the independent spirit of Texans throughout our state’s history. And with the Chisolm Trail, we invite you and your independent spirit to consider our log cabins. Stop by one of our showrooms to see the best modular cabins Texas has to offer. Sit down for some sweet tea with our design team, and we’ll help turn your log cabin dreams into a reality.