There’s an expression “if these walls could talk” that refers to the idea that interesting or memorable things once happened within the confines of a certain room’s four walls. At Leland’s Cabins, we hope all your cabin stays will provide interesting and lasting memories. And we want to make sure your walls do the talking with style.

That’s why we offer a variety of wood options and finishes in our custom cabins, allowing you to choose the look that best suits your taste and lifestyle. And don’t even get us started on the ceilings, floors, and exteriors . . . Well, we’ll get to them too, but later.

chisholm trail white washed ponderosa pine 1 - Deciding on the walls for your perfect cabin

Surround Yourself with Natural Beauty

You’ve been wanting to purchase the right building for a woodsy retreat, and now you’ve found our Texas cabin homes. You’ve lined up just the right spot—under a canopy of trees near water, where you can see the sun rise and set, and hear the birds sing. You’re ready to surround yourself with the beauty of nature. Let Leland’s show you how to bring a bit of the natural world indoors with our interior wall selections.

When you choose interior options for any of our nine cabin models, your walls can be made of beautiful 8-inch panels of ponderosa pine “shiplap,” meaning a groove is cut into the top and bottom of each plank to allow the wood to form a snug seal. Ponderosa pines are large pine tree species native to the western United States, and they rank as the most widely distributed species of pine tree found in North America.

For a more contemporary look, select our white-washed ponderosa pine shiplap that gives a sunny, bright appearance. Or go with our third option, which features sleek white pine “V-board” of 8-inch planks.

Whether you choose the ponderosa pine option or the upgraded premium option of white pine, you’ll want to consider finishing the wood so it looks smooth and polished. Consider the clear-coat finish that includes sanding down the trim around all windows and doorways. Or you can choose the homestead deluxe, which offers a silky smooth finish and triple seal for protection and shine.

Because natural woods are such an integral part of our business, Leland’s tries to give back to the planet when it comes to trees. For every cabin we sell, we’ll plant 20 trees in that customer’s name. Our goal is to offset the impact and lumber that we consume.

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Don’t Forget Ceilings and Floors

If the ponderosa pine is your selection for the interior walls, consider taking that look overhead in a continuous line with a ponderosa pine ceiling. This seamless styling offers a harmonious beauty while at the same time providing a spectacular rustic finish. However, if you would prefer to break up the use of wood indoors, you can also opt for a metal ceiling with a rope accent. Upgrade to a premium option by choosing white pine instead of ponderosa.

When you’re done looking up, you can consider the flooring selections too. Leland’s offers a basic laminate of Brazilian walnut, a premium option of Precious Highlands textured wood planks, or a premium plus that features SpringLoc Today handscraped plank flooring in four different color choices.

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What’s Outside Matters Too

As longtime log cabin builders, Leland’s wants your nature getaway to have an authentic look and feel. So our exterior walls have a lot to say too. Our premium plus exterior option provides a charming, genuine log cabin appearance. You can choose between the 6-inch cedar split logs or 8-inch hand-hewn logs for your walls and embrace a rustic, rugged style. Or go with the basic LP Smart Panel siding or LP Smart Lap siding.

Visit our log cabin showroom in Grandview, home of the largest cabin supercenter in the state. Or start by reaching out to us online and letting us know you’re interested in learning about our pre-built cabins.

Log cabins have a fascinating history, stretching all the way back to ancient times in European history. For early American settlers, who used a drafty process of stacking one log atop the next and overlapping them at the corners, they were the means of survival on the unforgiving wilds. While Leland’s Cabins has thankfully developed a more sophisticated way of making cabins—from prefab log cabins to custom-built cabins—our commitment is no different from the earliest home builders.

We want to build spaces that allow you and your family to survive, thrive, and create lasting memories—the kind even the walls decide are worth talking about.