We’ve all heard the mantra about buying a home: location, location, location. And while it’s easy to imagine the role location plays when considering homes in a city landscape, there are lots of new and important concerns to keep in mind when choosing the right place for your Leland’s Cabins home.

For city living, you might choose a place based on the time it takes to get to work or school, how much the neighbors keep up their houses, or how close you are to your favorite restaurants or shops. When you’re ready to find the perfect place for your pre-built cabin, your concerns are completely different.

Consider this checklist as you determine the best location to put your custom cabin.

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What’s the purpose of your cabin?

Your cabin might be the weekend getaway you think about Monday through Friday. Or it could be a family retreat that allows you and your loved ones to unplug and make memories to last a lifetime. Or you could use your cabin as an artist’s studio, where you are able to write, paint, or create without disturbance.

Whatever your purpose, make sure you think about what you want from your precious time at your cabin home. Once you are clear on your expectations, then you can start to make decisions that play into that. If it’s a quiet getaway you’re seeking, think about setting your cabin back away from roads so you can savor the peace and serenity.

If you’re interested in small-town life, consider putting your cabin near enough to major roads so that you can easily get to and from your destinations—in all kinds of weather. You don’t want your weekend getaway to leave you isolated on inaccessible, muddy roads after a rainstorm. Getting away from it all is one thing, but getting stuck is another.

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What brings you joy?

If you’re hoping to interest your city kids in the wonders of the natural world, keep that in mind as you choose the location of your prefab log cabin. Orient your cabin so a bank of windows faces east to catch the sunrise. Point another bank of windows or a porch west, so you and the kids can linger over sunsets. If you’re interested in one of our larger custom cabins, like the three-bedroom, two bath The Lodge,, think about how you’ll be using the cabin’s kitchen, main room, and bedrooms.

If fishing and hiking bring you and your family pleasure, locate your cabin near a state park. Put it within earshot of a stream or river so you can have easy access to the water for recreation or hiking trails for exercise.

What about gardening? Make sure your cabin is near an open area where you can plant vegetables or tend to fruit trees. Thinking ahead and finding an accessible clearing that gets ample sunshine and drains well can save you the cost of clearing an area of trees and stumps.

What are the practicalities of the site?

You need your Texas cabin home’s foundation to be sturdy, and this means picking just the right location. Visit the area you’re envisioning for your cabin at different times of day and in different weather, just to get a sense of the light and the drainage.

Look for slopes and grades nearby that can impact the area. You don’t want to select grounds where water tends to pool after rainfall. Make sure there’s good natural drainage, look out for ant colonies and wasp nests, and try to be an expert on the space so you’re not surprised by what Mother Nature might have in store.


choosing the perfect location 1 1200x480 - Choosing the Perfect Location for Your Custom Cabin

What are the legalities?

You’ve found the perfect location for your cabin, like one of our efficiently sized log homes, the 704-square-foot Settlement Harbor. Before you clear the site and prepare the driveway to accommodate our trucks for delivery day, make sure the legal concerns are all taken care of. Check for any code restrictions that limit what you can put on the land. Familiarize yourself with zoning laws and development restrictions that might put a crimp on your log cabin dreams.

It’s better to know the limits for what you can and cannot do on the land before you get too far along in the process. Time spent up front getting to understand the legalities will save you headaches later on.

How will you make your dream a reality?

Texas cabin homes like any of the nine models we offer at Leland’s Cabins are often the stuff of dreams. We can see ourselves in the space, writing the next great novel or carving wood into art pieces or painting a masterpiece. We can imagine time spent with the people we love, enjoying nature and leaving computer screens behind and drinking in night skies full of stars. At Leland’s, we want to help you make those dreams a reality by matching the right cabin to your lifestyle and needs.

Stop by one of our locations around the Lone Star State. Or make the drive to Grandview, home of the largest cabin showroom in Texas. Our design experts can help you map out your dreams, one room at a time. We’ll take you from idea to finished cabin to delivery day, setting up your pre-built cabin exactly where you want it. At Leland’s, we think the best location you’ll ever find is always closer to the heart. Visit us online and start making your dreams come true today.

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