For nearly a decade—from 1836 until it agreed to join the United States in 1845—Texas proudly flew the flag of the Republic and let the world know the lone star stood for an independent spirit. You can stake your claim to that same legacy with sturdy and stylish Texas log cabins crafted by Leland’s Cabins.

The Lone Star floor plan, Texas, Leland's Cabins, Tiny Home, Prefab Cabin Builders

Take a look at our Lone Star cabin and just imagine yourself venturing into the Hill Country or the Pineywoods, or any number of Texas lakes, forests, or rivers, to relax in your own personal getaway. You might find yourself breaking from the weekly rat race and devoting time to pursuing deeper interests—alone or with your family—that set you apart.

Take a tour of The Lone Star right here.

With two bedrooms and two baths, The Lone Star offers a spacious retreat into the great outdoors. Use one room as your bedroom and the other for your music, art, or writing. In today’s immediacy-based world, it’s hard to find spaces to unwind, slow down, and reflect. A cabin like The Lone Star allows you to create an environment for pursuing your passions more deeply and deliberately.

Or you can make the Lone Star a family vacation home, where you and the kids unplug from screens and return to the real things that provide for cherished memories: jumping in the river, climbing trees, going fishing early in the mornings. Our Texas log cabins offer enough rooms and bathrooms to keep everybody rested and out from under foot.

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While Leland’s does offer slim retreats, such as The Rio Bravo at a space-saving 216 square feet, and luxurious log cabins like The Lodge with three bedrooms, two baths, and 1,536 square feet of space and splendor, we believe The Lone Star strikes a good balance of appealing square footage and attractive sticker price.

The Lone Star floor plan, Texas, Leland's Cabins, Tiny Home, Prefab Cabin Builders

At 832 square feet, The Lone Star features a comfortable living area, roomy kitchen, and even a space for your washer and dryer. The vaulted ceilings make it feel even more spacious—and you can add ceiling fans to keep the temperatures pleasant and the air always circulating.

From the outside in and from the top down, our cabins can be made to fit your lifestyle. At Leland’s we don’t just celebrate the independent spirit, we focus on you as an individual. With sales offices and log cabin dealer locations from Denton down to Floresville, Crosby all the way up to Graham, there’s no reason you can’t explore a Leland’s Cabins home yourself. Visit one of our showrooms and work with our designers to create your very own, very personalized getaway.

independence lone star cabin

Start with the exterior. Do you want LP Smart Panel Siding? Or would you rather go with 6-inch cedar split logs or 8-inch handhewn logs? Coming inside, select what you like best for your interior walls, from 8-inch ponderosa pine in a rustic shiplap pattern to an 8-inch interlocking white pine to a white pine with walnut wainscoting.

From ceilings to floors, you can select the style that best suits you. Looking up, do you want a ceiling that’s made of ponderosa pine, white pine, or metal? And crossing from room to room, what do you prefer under your feet? Floors made of smooth Brazilian walnut wooden planks, textured wooden planks, or handscraped planks?

The Lone Star floor plan, Texas, Leland's Cabins, Tiny Home, Prefab Cabin Builders

When it comes to kitchens, Leland’s believes they are the heart of the house. We outfit them with features that feel luxurious while still offering attractive pricing. Visit a showroom so that you can run your hands over our Shaker-style handcrafted pine cabinets. Or get a feel for the handcrafted hickory cabinets, or even the irresistible handcrafted coffee pecan cabinets that are a beautiful combination of hickory and walnut hardwoods.

Our Frigidaire appliances come in classic black or white finishes, or you can upgrade to stainless steel. Feel free to supply your own if you prefer a top-of-the-line chef’s kitchen! And when you’re done cooking, call everyone to the dining area to take a seat at your table and look out at the view. We bet your food even tastes better when you’re eating it in your own special cabin getaway.

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The Lone Star is one of our finest cabin lines, handcrafted in the Lone Star State with pride and purpose. But don’t just take our word for it. Stop by any one of our showrooms and see for yourself. Or visit our flagship store in Grandview—the largest cabin showroom in Texas—and compare the Lone Star’s features with our other eight cabin styles. A Leland’s designer will sit down with you over a glass of sweet tea, and together you can craft the Texas log cabin that fits your lifestyle, your needs, your dreams. What we mean is, you as an independent spirit.

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