The Great American Eclipse

On August 21, 2017, America will experience the Great American Eclipse. You’ve most likely already heard about it because the eclipse has been receiving great coverage for months. And it isn’t even here yet.

Why is it a big deal? Because the path of totality—that’s the area of Earth from which the sun is completely blocked by the moon—is usually in the middle of the ocean or an undeveloped region of the world.

That means this isn’t something America sees often. For many, it will be a once in a lifetime occurrence.

Here’s the bad news, though—Texas isn’t in the path of totality. That means the sun won’t be completely blocked from our point of view. In North Texas, about 75 percent of the sun will be blocked at the eclipse’s pinnacle. But that’s okay. You can still enjoy the eclipse, Texas style.

Travel Plans

There are going to be a whole mess of people flocking to the path of totality. Missouri, one of the states with a great view of the eclipse, is bracing for 1.2 million visitors along a 300 mile stretch in the middle of the state. Officials there have already warned driversto be prepared for major traffic slowdowns and stoppages. And the story is the same in many other states along the path of totality as well.

That means this is the perfect opportunity to stay in Texas, away from all the madness. Make it your own big adventure here, and enjoy the eclipse from great Lone Star State places such as Palo Duro CanyonMcKinney Falls, or Colorado Bend State Park.

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Getting Your Kids Interested

Whatever you decide to do the day of the eclipse, include the kids and make it an adventure. Use it as an opportunity to pique their interest in STEM learning. Not sure how? NASA put together a kit for that exact purpose. Take a look at their Eclipse Kit. The best part about the kit is it’s free.

The most important thing you can teach them about the eclipse is that it’s not safe to stare at the sun, even when it’s mostly covered by the moon. You must wear eclipse glasses to protect your eyesight throughout the eclipse. Only use eclipse glasses with an ISO 12312-2 to ensure protection.

Getaway to Texas

If you’re not in Texas, but you’d like to get far away from the mayhem, then come on down. Texas is a great place to relax and enjoy a nice steak, some sweet tea, and peace and quiet.

Take a load off at the Hideaway Ranch in Glen Rose. With a few Leland’s cabins to choose from for lodging and fun activities such as horseback riding, swimming, and hiking, the Hideaway Ranch will transport you to simpler times.

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Once you’re done looking, you can settle in at Beaumont Ranch just outside of Grandview. Located 35 minutes from downtown Fort Worth, Beaumont Ranch is the perfect getaway to make you feel as if you’ve landed in the Wild West.

With over 800 acres, the Beaumont Ranch is a combination of Old West charm and modern luxury. With a herd of Texas Longhorn cattle and an Old West-inspired town, the ranch offers great views and ambiance. If you’d like to spoil yourself a little, then check out the full-service spa.

And don’t worry about breakfast or dinner. You can ask the catering department to have your dinner ready, and breakfast is always warm and waiting when you wake up.

A Weekend of Events

Take a look at your local area’s event calendar to see what’s happening the weekend of or day of the eclipse. A lot of communities are planning special events and viewing parties. You never know what kind of fun you can find until you look.

For example, just outside of Austin in Buda, Texas, the Buda Public Library has a host of events leading up to the eclipse and a Solar Eclipse Party planned for the day of to include activities, art, and of course, stories. The Frontiers of Flight Museum in Dallas has a watch party planned as well.

Check local event calendars, and check in with your local Chamber of Commerce. Many businesses are taking the opportunity to reach out and invite the community in for an eclipse party.


Watch from Your Cabin Porch

We at Leland’s have the perfect location in mind for watching the solar eclipse—your front porch. Imagine sitting in the shade of your very own cabin waiting for the eclipse to begin.

Fire up the grill and make your own eclipse party. Invite your friends and family over and enjoy the view from your own Leland’s cabin.

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And don’t worry about the Texas heat. Our cabins are well-insulated and energy efficient. So when you get too hot from watching the eclipse, you can come inside and cool down for a minute. If you choose The Lodge, you can even relax in a soaking tub made from cedar.

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