A Small Cabin in Texas

There is a small cabin in Texas waiting for you. And it’s waiting in the largest cabin superstore in the state at Leland’s Cabins in Grandview. At 392 square feet, The Stag is the perfect little cabin you’ve been looking for. It’s so cute you’ll wanna squeeze its cheeks. If it had cheeks, of course (ignore the terrible jokes, I think I’m funny).

Cheek aside, The Stag is a cabin built with certain needs in mind. The layout is perfect for those who:

  • Want a little extra space for when company comes to stay.
  • Want to get away on the weekends to their own personal oasis that’s easy to keep clean and take care of.
  • Want to revel in tiny house living.
  • Want a little cabin to rent out for extra income.

The Stag is a one-bedroom, one-bathroom small cabin that is invitingly cozy. Purchase a few to start your own vacation rental venture, or stick one in your backyard for your aging mother-in-law. Whatever you have in mind, start at the cabin superstore in Grandview.

The Fine Things in Life

The Stag is little, but it’s mighty…mighty stylish that is. From the LP Smart Panel siding to the Brazilian walnut laminate flooring, this cabin is packed with style. Walk inside to see the bedroom to your left and the kitchen and living area to your right. The kitchen cabinets are Shaker-style handcrafted, flat-panel pine. There’s room for a full-size refrigerator and stove. And the bathroom is a full bathroom with a combination shower and tub.

The rustic shiplap-patterned walls complete the homey feel and guarantee you’ll think The Stag is a charmer.

You can choose from several options for your cabin, and you can even have Leland’s customize the floor plan.

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Built to Last

The Stag, along with all the other cabins built by Leland’s Cabins, is built to last. Just ask Connie Phillips. She happily shared her experience with us.

“For me,” Connie wrote, “there is no comparison between Leland’s and other cabins. The more time I spend in our home the more I love it.”

For Connie, the quality of her Leland’s home is undisputable.

“In the 40 MPH winds yesterday, I could hardly hear them. We have received our first electric bill and I was amazed with the difference. Our bill was about one-third of what I anticipated it to be and we ran the air conditioners all month. I am so pleased with our cabin.”

There was one small bump in the road for Connie, though. This is what she said about it: “We had one minor glitch, the dishwasher wasn’t hooked up. I called Amber and she sent someone from Grandview all the way up to Ardmore which is about a 4 hour trip to fix it. We could have done it ourselves, but Amber was right on top of it. Can’t say enough good about the company, the quality of work or our cabin.”

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The Small Cabin of Your Dreams

Every cabin we build at Leland’s Cabins is built for a specific customer. This means you can customize your cabin to fit you.

Here’s what Marshall Jeffus had to say about his experience with customization and The Stag.

“We customized our tiny house model, The Stag, so it’s not the typical Stag layout,” he wrote a couple of weeks after his cabin was delivered.

“There was a small dealership in Graham, Texas, and we located them online and thought they had great cabins. The first thing that we discovered and loved about Leland’s Cabins was that we had the ability to customize a cabin or tiny house,” he shared.

As for delivery and installation, “It wasn’t as technical as we thought it would be. Leland’s got the wiring ready so all we had to do was connect.”

Before making his purchase, Marshall came to see us at the cabin superstore in Grandview. “Based on a recommendation of the dealer in Graham, Texas, we decided to drive to a Leland’s Cabin’s headquarters in Grandview, Texas,” he wrote. “We sat down with their folks and they projected their cabin and tiny house floor plans on a large TV screen where we were able to design exactly what we wanted. We could customize everything, from choosing where we wanted our closets to how big or small we wanted the rooms to be, etc.”

We were happy to help Marshall with a completely custom cabin. His plans for The Stag: “We are in the process of developing the land and getting it ready for hunting.”

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What Are You Dreaming of?

What would you use The Stag for? Would you like a nice cabin to retreat to after a long week? Do you need a home solution that’s affordable so you can pay down debt? Or would you like to give your friends and family a reason to visit, starting with their own little space in which to stay?

Whatever it is you’re dreaming of, we would be happy to help you make your dreams become reality. Come visit us at the largest cabin showroom in Texas, and we’ll gladly listen and help you plan for the cabin of your dreams.