Your Modular Cabin

You had Leland’s Cabins build you a custom modular cabin. And the results are in: You love it!

Now it’s time to turn that modular cabin into the perfect place by adding a few…accessories for a cowpoke such as yourself. Where should you begin?

7 Things Every Cowboy Needs to Go With His Modular Cabin

1. A place to hang your hat.

When you walk in the door, you’d like to take your hat off and put it somewhere safe. After all, your mama taught you manners and you know removing your hat inside is the proper thing to do.

You can find a utilitarian option over at Cavender’s. Not only will the hat rack they have hold your sun bonnet, it will lovingly cradle your cowboy hat. The rack is designed to keep all the creases in the right places, leaving your brim exactly the way you like it.

If instead you’d like something a little more low-profile, then take a look at this hat rackover at Houzz. Made in America with reclaimed wood, the rack will proudly hold your hat for you until you need it next. And it’ll look good doing it too.

If none of those are quite your speed, then maybe you can DIY the project. There are a lot of ideas floating around the great world wide web on breaking a pallet down and using that wood to make a custom hat rack. A handy cowpoke with the right tools could pull it off.

7 Things Every Cowboy Needs to Go With His Modular Cabin

2. A home for your boots.

Did you get your boots wet and covered in mud again? Save yourself a lot of headache by not tracking that through your beautiful new modular cabin. Instead, take those boots off at the door.

Wait, what did you say? You’d like to sit down to do that? Well, no problem. There are more boot benches out there in the world than you can shake a stick at.

Take a look at this boot bench from Sawdust City. It has hidden storage under the seat. So you can hide those muddy boots and keep the cowgirl in your life happy.

And for those who would prefer something a little wider for their hind-end, this cedar storage bench might fit the bill. This little beauty can even sit on your porch, keeping the mud and muck out of your modular cabin entirely.

Now that your hat and boots are taken care of, what about you?

7 Things Every Cowboy Needs to Go With His Modular Cabin

3. A place to relax.

You have your modular cabin, and maybe you even chose The Lodge, complete with a big soaking tub. But did you remember the recliner? A rocking recliner is just what you need to put your feet up and enjoy your cabin after a long, hard day.

Before you start thinking you’re stuck with some microfiber recliner that will wear out in a year, check out this western-style recliner by Big Sky Decor. It’s made in the United States, and it’s wrapped entirely in cow-hide leather.

Or shop closer to home at The Great Western Furniture Co. in Garland. They specialize in oversized leather recliners you can sink right into and relax.

And while you’re sitting in that recliner relaxing, don’t forget about watching your favorite show or movie. A perfect-sized screen will be just what you need to recharge your batteries for the next day, whether it holds recreation or work.

Speaking of recreation, there are a few things you’ll need outside of your modular cabin too.

7 Things Every Cowboy Needs to Go With His Modular Cabin

4. Four-legged or four-wheel transportation.

Every cowboy needs a buggy or a truck or a horse of some kind. How else will you get to where you’d like to go on your property?

If you’re anything like many cowboys who purchase a Leland’s Cabin, then you plan to use it as a getaway place. It’s your hidey hole away from the rest of the world. You go there to hunt, maybe fish, and definitely relax.

So relax and let the proper equipment help you. Get yourself a side-by-side Gator by John Deere to haul that fishing rod and tackle box for you. A Gator will give you room to bring someone with you and leave you room for other goodies for your day out around the farm.

If you like your solitude, though, and you know a Gator is a little too large to haul a deer up out of your dense woods, then maybe an Arctic Cat four-wheeler is more your speed.

And of course, if you’d like to take your time getting where you’re going, then look for a four-legged friend or bring your horses with you to the cabin (well, not in the cabin, but I’m sure you understand what I mean).

You know what else you need?

7 Things Every Cowboy Needs to Go With His Modular Cabin

5. Steaks.

Beef. And lots of it. There isn’t much in the world that tastes quite so enjoyable as a juicy steak at the end of a good day.

Take a look at the ranches around the area. In most parts of Texas, you can find local beef that’s been raised right. If you’re in the Grandview area, then we recommend trying Burgundy Pasture Beef. Their cattle are pasture-raised and fed 100 percent grass.

If you’re getting good steaks, then you know there’s something else you’re going to need.

7 Things Every Cowboy Needs to Go With His Modular Cabin

6. A grill.

Do you prefer charcoal or gas? There is no shortage of options in either category. Here at Leland’s Cabins, we’ve always been a fan of the smoky flavor that comes with grilling done right. As for choosing charcoal or gas, though, that’s a tough choice.

Charcoal is great because who doesn’t love setting stuff on fire and building a nice blaze? But there’s something to be said for the control you get with a propane grill. And with a steak in particular, that control can make or break a good meal.

If you’re looking for some expert help on choosing a grill, then this article from Popular Mechanics might be just the thing. They tested all the best grills and then revealed what they experienced (and tasted).

And if you’re outside grilling, then you’re gonna need…

7. Patio furniture.

Part of the fun of grilling is hanging out on the porch. Pull up a chair while you wait for the food to cook. If you’re crafty enough, you can even cook all your sides in tin foil right on your grill.

So you can bring the whole meal prep outside as well as the company.

7 Things Every Cowboy Needs to Go With His Modular Cabin

But what do you do if you don’t have a modular cabin yet?

Come visit us in Grandview. We have the largest cabin superstore in Texas, and we custom-build every cabin to be exactly what you want it to be.