Buying a Prefab Cabin

Are you looking at prefab cabins? If so, Leland’s Cabins in Texas is the perfect place to start and end your search. Why?

Because at Leland’s, we build prefab log cabins with meticulous attention to the small details that add up to make every cabin last. Leland’s is first and foremost a log cabin builder. We just happen to build prefab log cabins because that’s what works best for our customers and our quality-control process.

But what about building cabins on your site? Why did Leland’s choose to build prefab following a traditional building route?

And more importantly, should you choose a prefab log cabin?

Let’s talk about the reasons Leland’s is a prefab log cabin builder and why a prefab log cabin might be the perfect fit for you.


1. At Leland’s Cabins, prefab means better control of the quality.

When we’re building the cabin in our workshop, we have more control over every aspect of the build. That starts with materials. We stick to the products we know work best, and we keep them on hand. While we work to balance cost and quality, we never want to put our names to anything that we aren’t confident will stand the test of time.

Our craftsmen are craftsmen first, taking pride in the work they do. The quality of their work is superb. And every prefab cabin we build meets our stringent standards before we call it complete.

To ensure our standards never waver, we also have Sam Yoder, our Quality Control Supervisor. Sam has been with Leland’s Cabins since its founding, and he’s in charge of making sure every cabin is built to the highest possible standards.

Having the team all in one place throughout the entire build process allows for a better collaborative effort that keeps Leland’s Cabins at the top.

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2. A prefab cabin is more cost-effective.

How does a prefab cabin save you money? It saves us money to build prefab, and those are savings we pass on to you.

By building at our headquarters in Grandview, we are better able to utilize our builders’ time. We can work on your project until we hit a stopping point as we wait for something (like the custom cabinets you choose) to be complete, and then switch to another project while we wait. This means we can plan out our building schedules and make the most of each workday.

These guys know where they’re supposed to be every single day because it never changes. This keeps them close to home during a build too, which makes everyone happier. And happier craftsmen means more productivity.

When a builder is building on a job site, there are a few common things that happen to eat up his time. Those things are lunch, sheltering from the weather, and hitting pause on a build because of weather. With Leland’s prefab log cabins, there’s no need for our craftsmen to go off the job site to find a place to eat in an unfamiliar area, take a break, or get out of the heat (or cold, or rain), because we’ve got them covered here.

Even when the weather is less than ideal for building outside, having everything on hand means we can work on those custom cabinets or switch to putting the finishing touches on another project.

3. The timeline for delivery is solid.

While we can’t control everything that could possibly happen with the world around us, we can pretty well estimate when we’ll be done with your prefab cabin, barring any natural disasters. We’re good at figuring out how long it will take to deliver your cabin because we build cabins at the same place and in the same way all day, every day.

4. Your prefab cabin will be ready much more quickly.

On a typical build, you first have to prepare the site before you can begin to build. With a prefab cabin, you can prepare the site while we build your cabin. Once the site and cabin are ready, then we deliver and get you set up.

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5. You won’t go over budget.

While we rarely build the exact same prefab cabin twice because of customization options, we know with certainty how much it costs us to build each component of our cabins. And because you know exactly what you’re getting before Leland’s Cabins ever begins building, you won’t have to worry about surprise costs, added expenses, and going over budget.

6. Our prefab cabins are energy efficient.

An added bonus to building prefab is the energy efficiency we build into every model. Because we use only durable, high-quality materials, your heating and cooling costs will be significantly lower than that of a traditional home.

7. Who doesn’t want a custom, affordable, prefab cabin?

While customization isn’t something you’ll find from many prefab homes, our process allows for the highest level of customization for your prefab cabin.

Do you prefer the windows in the Settlement Harbor, but you’d really like The Lonestarfloor plan? Not a problem. We can make that happen. Or perhaps you’d really like to make use of the ceiling space of The Lodge by adding a small loft for storage. We can make that happen too.

At Leland’s, our goal is to provide you with a cabin you’ll fall in love with that will last you for decades to come. Come see for yourself what we can do by visiting Texas’s largest prefab cabin showroom in Grandview. We look forward to seeing you there.